Saturday, June 1, 2013

NASA Confirmed: Asteroid should hit Earth

NASA has confirmed that an unexpected asteroid will hit Earth within the next 22-minutes. Professor Hawtpants has said, "it is a tragedy that something like this could pop up this quick. Earth will be devastated by this rock."

Other scientist have hope though. Many have claimed, if a 3rd of the worlds population can make it to one side of Earth in under 22-minutes, they can all coordinate a massive group fart that will actually move Earth inches from a disastrous strike. Hawtpants goes on to say, "it's true. I added up the pressure and the momentum the fart could actually carry Earth. All the farts would have to be blasted out at the same time." But Sarah Phartner is a critic. "I think that anyone within the vicinity of the poots, they will die of monooxidrationfartanium. Plus, the farts would pollute the air and death hamster thang."

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