Thursday, May 30, 2013

Top 5 YouTube Channels 2013

Hello, my name is Silas and I am fat! Today, I will be telling you my top 5 favorite YouTube channels of the year, and why! Let's get started you couch potato! Starting from the bottom (now we're here. (just kidding.)) But yes, we are starting with number 5 and indeed will be going to be doing no. 1 last.

Here we go:
For one, the content on this channel has high production value that brings some sexy cinematography and well put together viral videos. (Almost as sexy as the zombie to the left.)

Clinton Jones also inspires me. I spoke to him once, and he said he couldn't wait to see my Rainbow 6 Patriots Live-Action film. That's pretty dope. He also loves this guy named Jesus Christ. Kudos to him!
 4 - SoKrispyMedia
I've been subscribed to these guys for a while now, but I guess because it was recently I became a dedicated YouTuber, that I found out they are local! These guys are my age and scoring thousands of views with great content. Sam works his VFX like my grandma works that Chocolate Delight. Sam, you just got compared to some delicious food. Accept that. Good job guys.
3 - Film Riot
These guys have gotten me through depression, school, boredom, and much more. Oh, and they also teach me things about what I love doing. I've been pretty fat lately and not put any of that to action. ACTUALLY I BEEN FILMING A MOVIE FOR 3 MONTHS. Anyways, they just reached 300 videos I think, and they are watched daily by me!

2 - Rhett and Link
Every time I tune into these guys, I thank God for life. These guys put me in a good mood and I really enjoy what they do for the community of fans and filmmakers. They are really organized and know what they are doing. Their new show, "The Mythical Show", has been occupying all my time. Not all of it, but a lot of it. Thank you guys for respecting yourselves and your fans.

1 - The Dangerous Brew
Ever since I won the 1,000 subscriber award from these guys, I've been mind blow by their talent and passion for filmmaking. If I really could work with any YouTuber when I graduate High School, it would be these guys. Watching and following (NOT STALKING OKAY) these guys, I see the fun they have on set and you can't really ask for nothing more than that. Michael Green has a really well put together channel, and I wish them the best of luck. THEY ALSO GET A FEATURED VIDEO CAUSE THEY BASICALLY MY BEST FRIENDS. Anyway, check them out!

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