Monday, March 4, 2013

Learning How To Code HTML

Learning to Code

Learning to Code HTML and More with Code.Org!

Ever wondered how the fundamentals of a website worked? Well, you not only will you figure that out, you will also learn how it is done, so you can do it yourself. You can learn it at a constant speed and master it. In fact, I am actually coding this blog right now and I am only a few lessons in. I discovered Code.Org from the featured YouTube video titled, "What Schools Aren't Teaching You". I will link that video, and the site at the end of the blog so you can do exactly what I am doing right now!

There are a few bugs in the program, but it is free, and when you come across a problem you can simply go to the FAQ page and find what you need to fix the problems. If you are into media and want to design websites, I would try this program out now! I hope to learn much more so I can create some great stuff. Thanks Coda.Org!

Code.Org Link

Learn to code!

Video is listed in featured!

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