Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I am BatSi, not a Cook.

Proof that Silas James Rowland isn't indeed a cook.
Here is a true story for you that happened today...

Once upon today, when the sun was blazing and the school bell rang to release the students. Actually, it started before we were even dismissed. Jake Mycko and I were in second period. We had been talking about his new experiences at his job that he has been working at for the past week. He was talking about how good it was, even though he now has a second degree burn on his wrist.

It is the same place I applied at, had an interview, and then decided not to work at. But something hit me today in 2nd period. I need a job, I need money, I need a new computer. So at lunch, I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet as if I was dropping a load. Before I went in to make the call, I yelled to Brandon Manley "Mumbles" to come help me. As I did this, a teacher came around the corner and eyed us as if we were two gay guys in Chick-Fil-A.

I sat there and called them. Sunday, I had a menu test but I was talked out of going and told I wouldn't like working at a fast food place. Thanks Dad. So I sat there and called.

"Yes, I am calling on behalf of the menu test I had scheduled Thursday. I couldn't get in touch and I had to watch my Alzheimer Grandma in the nursing home. Is there anyway we can reschedule?" Now this is Tuesday, a few days late.

"Silas Silas. What happened? I really enjoyed the interview. We sure can." Lot's of respect for this man. My homie told me he told the head Manager that he "Liked that Silas kid, he is a director."

Anyways, I had the menu test right after school and failed it. Jumped up and bit me right back in the anus. But, he liked me enough to give me one more chance after I wronged him. I take it again Friday. Wish me luck in getting that money!

-Sincerely, BatSi. (I had to use googles correction tool to spell sincerely right.)

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