Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Seeking Local Artist for a Docuseries

This summer, SilasRowlandTv will be documenting the lives of Silas and Chris. It's not to specifically see what they are doing, but to see life from their perspective and to shine light on the talent and world around them.

This summer, we will be looking for artist of all genres to interview and follow around for a day. Have you ever seen a "Day in the Life" type docuseries? If not, go check it out. That is similar to the style of video we are going for when we follow an artist. Reason for picking artist:

  1. Well, we ourselves are artist. We make art and respect everything and anything that someone produces. It's how the creator visioned it, not us, so what gives us the right to judge it saying it's not right. It's your creation and what you wanted, and we enjoy that!
  2. We want to explore your motives and strategies in tackling what you love doing. Many artist have to fight obstacles on the path to success, and we want to see how you get past them and break the barriers. 
  3. Finally, we believe everyone is special and different. Show us so we can show the world why you are different. We'll explore your character and traits that set you aside. 
Got what it takes to make it onto an episode of "Life of Si"? Hit us with an email: or comment below. 

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