Saturday, September 29, 2012

We are back with new content, and new ways!

We are sorry.....
We have been gone for awhile, with out nothing to entertain the people that subscribed to us when we first started making content. For awhile, it seemed as if we would not be returning to bring you what we once promised. But, after a long time of writing and destroying, we are back. We were going to be bringing the the short film, "The Prey", which was written by Silas Rowland, but that project has long been dropped. Now, we are working to bring you our greatest piece of entertainment yet, "Jericuda The Redneck".
Michael Kendall and Silas Rowland on set.
A Web-series in the making...
Jericuda The Redneck is a series that is based on the adventures and mishaps of three best friends. All three of the friends are different. Jericuda is a redneck that is stubborn and usually the cause of the problems. George is a british fellow who watches a little bit to much "Man vs. Wild" and puts survival skills into every situation. Mumbles is a hard accented friend that is always getting hurt or sacrificed to do what the other two do not want to do.

While we can't come out and give you a specific date, we can tell you that the first ever episode will come out before the end of this year. Stay tuned for more information!

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