Saturday, November 24, 2012

Disney takes over Star Wars.... Good or Bad?

Lucas brutally rapes Mickey with a light saber. 
I'm pretty sure even the people that weren't fans of Star Wars had to clean out their ears when they heard that Disney was taking over the Star Wars Franchise. That's right, Disney. You know the channel you probably grew up watching were every one that has acted on their ends up a horrible singer. But don't get your panties in a wad all to quick. There is still hope in the galaxy that we know and love.

1) Why this is a GOOD THING.....
Disney isn't all about little kids, or Hannah Montana. Disney has made many of my favorite movies that I love. They created, Pirates of the Caribbean, National Treasure, Ratatouille...... I sound 5, but those are good movies. Plus, now that the Force is in their hands, we get to see more rapid production of movies. That means more often you get to go to the theater to gaze in amazement. Star Wars has always felt powerful to me when I watch it, you feel like it is a real world, and it's just a matter of time before that world clashes with you. You can't lie and say you never been taking a dump and you try and use the force to bring the toilet paper that is 3-inches from you to your hands... OR maybe that's just me.
Since a lot of Disney is based on music, that means the music will still be with us for Star Wars. I hope that they just don't make a Hannah Montana Star Wars Soundtrack..... (Silas, apply last sentence below.)
2) Why this is a BAD THING......
Above I said that it is a good thing that we will get to see more Star Wars rapidly. That can also work against itself. If they are on a time schedule with all the movies they want to make, they may rush it and screw up and all of us Jedi's will have to kill them, right?? Cause you can't really erase a Star Wars movie, can you?  It's always going to be there, like, "Wow, we screwed that whole franchise up."

All in all, don't start throwing bricks yet. Let's see where this goes. May the force be with you.

QUESTION TO YOU: What do you think?

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