Wednesday, November 28, 2012

JTR Delayed, Skyward Cinema

JERICUDA THE REDNECK Epi. 1 has been delayed from premiering this Friday, to some time next week. "WHY!?!? You have been promising us oh so dearly that it would premiere at the end of November!". That is true. But, we are doing our best to make this a special premiere. So that when you watch it, you see a change in our production. We have been working hard and we are down to the last bit of editing. Please, remain calm, it is coming soon enough! 

SHOUT OUT #1: Skyward Cinema
Skyward Cinema is an independent film production company. Their newest short film is titled, "UNCIVIL". Skyward Cinema is currently in the process of developing a little something called, "Skyward Series", which will be a dozen or so short films coming out on their YouTube channel every 2 to 3 weeks starting in March of 2013. 

So check these guys out and give them some exposure. I really like what they are doing and they sound like the kind of people that I would like to invest my own work and time into helping. The short film is below, check it out.   

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