Saturday, April 6, 2013

Weekly Post Topics!

Every day, we will post a topic, or share something with you that will be interactive. By this, I mean you will be able to share with us, and maybe even when stuff. Here is the weeks post, so make sure you stay subscribe to all our sites to see the post!

Movie Mondays (We'll share a movie, and you tell us what movie you are watching today!)

Try it Tuesdays (We try something new, and you tell us what you have tried new!)

Rewind Wednesdays (We show old videos, some even before SilasRowlandTv, and you share yours!)

Triple Threat Thursdays (We share our top 3 songs ranging from inspirational to radio hits. Share yours too!)

Freaky Fridays (You will see some random videos from the web. Be sure to share yours. We may nominate a post!)

Still Saturdays (Show stills from your projects, behind the scene photos, or stills you enjoy from other movies!)

Sabbath Sundays (We share scriptures from the Bible. If you are not religious, you are more than welcome to share inspirational quotes!)

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