Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Science-Fiction Novel by Silas Rowland (Title Reveal)

For sometime now, I have had another world evolving in my mind. Before I even became a filmmaker, or ever wrote, I knew this idea had to be put on paper. 

I decided to take on the challenge of writing a novel early this year, when my creative juices and passion for writing was at an all time high. 

The novel is currently being extracted from my mind into some top secret notebooks. But until a reveal is leased, I thought I might share at least the title with you and what the book is about!

THE ROBED RITUAL is a science-fiction story that picks up when two brothers have discovered they have obtained abilities to control the elements. They weren't born with these powers, but inherited them by their father. 

Growing up, the boys were told mythical stories about a rare-species known as Spacers. These beings were known to live thousands of years and preform ultimate task in order to keep harmony throughout the stars. They grew up to realize that the stories were true, and their father was part of them. 

AND THEN.... that's all I can tell you at the moment. Don't want to release too much! Thanks for visiting the site and subscribe!

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