Friday, August 2, 2013

Georgia filmmaker Joseph Barnhart creating an Original Documentary

Joseph Barnhart, an aspiring filmmaker knows what hard work is. He has grown up on a farm, but a physical disability keeps him away from doing physical labor on the farm. So Joseph wants to give back with want he can do, and what he does best. Filmmaking. He is producing a feature length documentary, getting in depth with what it takes to bring such a fine product that is constantly over looked. "Growing Peanut Butter" will be his first feature length film, but first he will need help funding it.

   This will be a first of its kind. An in-depth, stunning, and adventurous story behind the production of the peanut from beginning to end. There will be a back story on the peanut from it's ancient roots, to how it is used now.
   We will also get a glimpse of the lives that help make the peanut possible. Joseph will take us to their land, to their humble lives, and show us what it takes to make sure you get that PB&J that you snack on in the middle of the night. Hard work that is put into the production of this film will show us the hard work behind the farmers hand.


   How many times have you twisted the cap off a jar of peanut butter? How many times have you unwrapped a Reese's with chocolate that delinquently covers the humble peanut butter? 

   Wouldn't it be interesting to see the origins, and story behind such a over-looked food. Well, that's exactly what Joseph Barnhart is setting out to do. But my fellow filmmaker needs your help.
   A dollar would help, it all adds up. Sharing the campaign and talking about this project can simply increase it's chances of production.

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