Friday, November 29, 2013


Thanks to all the food that I devoured yesterday, I can't see my toes anymore.

   All day people have been talking about what they are thankful for, but personally I couldn't stop thinking about what time the food would be done. Now, it's 12am and I can actually kick back with a guilty stomach ache, pondering those thoughts of thankfulness. 

   I think everyone should be thankful for their families and friends, but in reality, it isn't just this day that I am thankful for them. I have been thankful for them my whole life. I think this time of year, each year, should be a reminder of something new, a change, or anything of that matter that we should be thankful for that's made an impact in our own lives. 

   So what am I thankful for? I'm thankful for the obstacles that have delivered the motivation, the drive, and determination to me as a filmmaker. I've had so many problems come up, whether it be family or an outsider telling me what I can not achieve, that made me want to quit and just give up. But I didn't quit. Instead, I continue to make films (no matter how crappy or subjective) learning more and more each time. I grow every day, and with every film and thing I create. 

   So what about you, what are you thankful for? Comment below.

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