Thursday, December 5, 2013


Get ready to go to your favorite clothing store, and purchase a new pair of pants. Yeah, that's right, your going to go through a few pairs after watching this intense, action thriller created and directed by Ryan Connolly of Film Riot.

Four bodies, hands tied behind them, heads covered, and thrown face down into the dirt from the tailgate of a truck. A bold, and mysterious opening that leaves your heart racing until the credits. Ryan Connolly originally set out to shoot a short film, but due to budget issues he had to cancel. With tons of gear, and crew flying in, he said, "YO DAWG WE STILL GON MAKE A MOVIE!". Those weren't his exact words, but I was close. He shot this film instead, in only a few days of planning and production. The other film is still going to be made I believe, but meanwhile we have this masterpiece to watch until then.

I knew local filmmaker Justin Robinson was going to be heading to Texas to help with this project, but when I saw him in that opening shot smoking a cigarette with the sun haloing him, my jaw dropped. Nice Ryan and Justin... Nice.

Ever since I started filmmaking at 14, I've always went to Film Riot for help with anything film. With his unique sense of humor, and mad rapping skills, Ryan Connolly has easily become one of the fastest growing filmmakers in my book. Not only does he offer help, but everything he teaches is put through trials by he himself. Dignity, and skill is clearly shown, and I have a higher respect for Ryan after this film. Also for everyone that helped. Josh, you did an amazing job. Want to see more of you in that type of character!

Check out their store where you can buy the HD version, with bonus content. Also posters and more!

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