Saturday, June 28, 2014


Hello to everyone that follows this blog. After a lot of downtime from the film community I am back and putting multiple projects into production with a whole new outlook... See what I've got going on by reading more!

THROUGH THE GLASS WE SHALL CAPTURE...Hmm, dramatic. Exactly. At the beginning of this year I started considering my goals and dreams. For the longest of times, ever since I became a filmmaker, I told myself and everyone "I would be the worlds greatest director". But what does that really mean? Nothing, it's just a title and to myself I could think I was the best, but there's always going to be critics and people who really don't give a damn. So I turned my head toward finding a reason to make myself believe I was the best, or at least worthy. 

Something sparked. The light bulb hovering above my head blinked on and the path before me began to illuminate. I decided that I would take value in production and start making professional content with the skills I have acquired over time. This proved to be much more difficult than my ideal "let me make a video in one day and upload it to YouTube" system. I started to hate filmmaking. Then, I started to respect filmmaking. Then I fell in love with it again.

Now, I'm back to discover my signature style of filmmaking while experimenting with different genres. I'm analyzing every step I take to make sure I'm heading in the right direction... I'm back to do what it's all about, and that's to make movies and capture stories. 

So what now? 
SilasRowlandTv has been off the charts for a while since I started up my new production company GREEN GLASS CAPTURE. 

SilasRowlandTv is going to continue to make content for the internet, while GREEN GLASS CAPTURE makes serious content to enter into festivals, to put on DVD's, and to market. 

Here are the projects we are now engaged in:
Jericuda The Redneck webseries. 



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