Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Shama Experience

Creepy-man-Shama at my door, no, nevermore. 

Look to the right, and tell me you wouldn't want to open a door and see that standing before you. If you said 'yes', your probably delusional like me. I've started to work with this guy, and a few others, and it's making me love filmmaking even more.

   I've only worked with Shama Mrema on two videos: The Ghost of Christmas Presents and MY NEW USED CAR. What have I learned from these two shoots and working with him?

   First and foremost I've learned to value myself, the camera, and the audience. Not only does Shama have a unique sense of humor, but he has a motivation that drives him to serve quality and meaning to the people who watch what he does.

And here I was, making videos that only me and two other guys understood. I'd hit record, halfa** edit, and then say look how good I am. And really, that wasn't the right way to do it. 

   Maybe in these few weeks that I've got to know the fellow, and worked with him, I've developed more than ever in the total time I've been capturing.

   See, not only are the things I do for my eyes and heart, but they are for others. The audience has to feel something and see something so that they don't think they just wasted their time, whether it be a skit, short, or feature.

First, you have to collect their attention. 
You got to give them a reason to stay. They must be impressed visually and purposely. 

   All in all, I'm hoping to grow as a filmmaker each and everyday. It's not something that I hope to make millions doing, (although I wouldn't necessarily hate that) it's about sticking with something and growing. In 2014, I hope to continue working with the new friends I've made at the end of 2013, and see where that takes me.

- If you made it thus far, thank you for reading. Tell me if you enjoyed 2013, and comment about your fondest moment below. 

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